Capture Text from Screen

Capture Text From Screen

RoboOCR is an optical character recognition (OCR) software that allows you to capture text from anything you see on your computer screen. You can easily extract from non-selectable and non-editable text on your Windows screen and turn it into editable text. You can also copy the captured text into the clipboard or save a copy as PDF, RTF or TXT document file. The software supports more than 30 languages, recognizing bar codes and it also supports image (BMP, PNG, JPG) to text conversion. Operating RoboOCR software is very straightforward and it can save you some time, thanks to its character recognition capabilities.

Here’s the tutorial for using RoboOCR software to capture text from the screen. 

1. Download and Install RoboOCR software

The following tutorial will require the RoboOCR software which can be downloaded at . Once you’ve downloaded RoboOCR, double click on the setup file and follow the screen instructions to install the software.

Install RoboOCR

2. Capture Text from Screen

Run RoboOCR after the software installation. Select Screen to OCR option at the top. Click on the Capture button at the bottom to select the area of your screen that you would like to extract the text.

Capture button

3. Extracting Text from the Screen Area

After selecting the screen area, RoboOCR will immediately extract the text in this selection. After processing the text extraction, the extracted text will be displayed on the right-side under the Text area.

Capture text from screen

4. Copy or Save the Extracted Text

You may now Copy or Save the text captured from the screen. If you wish to copy the text to the clipboard, click on the Copy button at the bottom. Click on the Save button if you would like to save the text as a document file. Supported document formats are PDF, RTF and TXT.

Save Text

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