How to Open Multiple Files, Folders, URLS and Applications

Zarage Open Multiple Files
Have you realized that you can actually save your time by creating an open list on your computer so that you can skip the hassle of manually open files, folders, URLs and applications? For example, if you browse to the same news website in the morning or open the same office files and applications everyday, you can actually use software like Zarage Open Multiple Files to create an open list and have it open everything for you with just a click. Zarage Open Multiple Files is a program that is designed to automatically open multiple files, folders, URLS, and applications simultaneously. With this program, the user no longer needs to open files, URLS, folders, and applications one by one. You can also set interval time delay ( in seconds ) before opening the next file. Another advanced feature includes auto open the saved list upon startup and this utility can also be set to automatically shut down as soon as all the items have been opened.

The interface of Zarage Open Multiple Files is neatly organized.  Those with little PC skills will have no problem to learn and use this software. To learn more about Zarage Open Multiple Files, please visit