How to Upgrade / Update PHP version in Plesk

How to Upgrade / Update PHP version in Plesk

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server side scripting language that is widely used for creating dynamic interactive websites. Popular content management system like WordPress is also written in PHP. Due to the popularity of PHP, it is becoming a popular target among attackers. Using outdated version or unpatched vulnerability PHP, could potentially compromise the entire online system. Therefore, it is important that you upgrade / update your PHP version on your server to keep it safe from being exploited by cyber attacks. 

There are several methods to upgrade / update PHP version on your server. The easiest method would be through the web server control panel. Nowadays, most of the web server / hosting provider includes a control panel system for managing your website. In the following tutorial, we are going to show you how to upgrade / update PHP Version through the Plesk control panel

First Step:
Login to your Plesk Control Panel by entering the username and password

Plesk Login

Second Step:
After successfully login to Plesk, Click on the Tools & Settings link on the left. Then click on PHP Settings under the General Settings. Next, Click on the Plesk Installer link at the top.

Plesk Tools Settings

PHP Settings
Third Step:
Under this page, you can select the components that you would like to install or updateScroll down until you see Plesk Hosting Features and click to expand it. Select the new PHP Version that you would like to install and click on continue to proceed. It will take several minutes to complete the installation.
Upgrade / Update PHP Version

Final Step:
Once the new PHP version has been installed on your server, you’ll need to select the new PHP version for the domain name that you would like to use on.

You just learned how to upgrade / update PHP version in Plesk. Kindly leave your comments below if you need any help in upgrading the PHP.



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