How to Enable Dark Theme for File Explorer on Windows 10

How to Enable Dark Theme for File Explorer on Windows 10
In a recent Windows 10 update, Microsoft has finally rolled out the long top user requests to support dark theme for File Explorer. For people who spend lots of time looking at a computer screen, using dark theme is arguably a better choice than light theme as it can help to reduce eyestrain and provide better text readability. That’s why the dark theme is gaining popularity across many sites and apps. Well, if you are like me preferred to use a dark theme over the light theme on Windows 10, you may follow our step by step guides below on how to enable the dark theme for File Explorer on Windows 10. Before you proceed, please note that the dark theme support for File Explorer is only supported on Windows 10 build 1809 and later. Here’s how to activate the dark theme.

Click on the Search icon located at the bottom left of your screen and type “Settings”. Click on Settings that appear under the Best Match. You may also use the keyboard shortcut, Windows button + I to open the Windows Settings.

From the Windows Settings, click on the Personalization button and select Colors option on the left navigation panel. Scroll down until you see “Choose your default app mode” and change the selection from Light to Dark.

Enable Dark Theme on Windows 10

The changes should be immediate and when you open your File Explorer, you shall now see the dark theme. If the above guide is not working for you, try to open the Windows Settings, Personalization, Themes and choose Windows.

You just learned how to enable Dark Theme for File Explorer on Windows 10. I’d love to hear your feedback after trying the dark theme. Do you prefer using the dark or light theme? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.


This dark mode feature of window 10 is really awesome. So you should be update the version time to time. Keep sharing