How to Turn Off Location on iPhone

How to Turn Off Location on iPhone
The Location services in iOS allow apps and websites to access the information from your cellular, Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth to track your whereabouts and record all the places you recently visited. Many Apps rely on the data from location services in order to function properly. For example, in mapping apps, it uses your location to provide direction from your current location to your destination, App like Find My iPhone rely on the location to find your iPhone in case if it’s missing or stolen, sharing your current location with someone through the messaging apps like Whatsapp, and weather apps use your location to report relevant weather information.

While location services on iPhone can be useful and convenient, there are downsides. It will drain your iPhone battery life faster and some Apps are collecting your location data for the purpose of targeting you with ads.

Location services are enabled by default on the iPhone, however, if you’re concerned about your privacy and don’t like the idea of being tracked, you can actually turn off location services. Here’s how to turn off location on iPhone. Before you proceed, do note that by disabling location on iPhone, this will prevent some apps from functioning properly.

How to Turn Off Location:
Run the Settings on iPhone.
iPhone Settings Icon

Under the Settings, tap on the Privacy
iPhone Privacy Settings

From the Privacy, select Location Services
iPhone Location Services Settings

Toggle Location Services to turn it off on iPhone
Turn off iphone location

From the confirmation screen, Tap on Turn Off
Turn Off Location Services on iPhone