How to make Google my homepage on Firefox

How to make Google my homepage on Firefox
In this article, we’re going to show you how to make Google my homepage on Firefox in just a few easy steps. Why Google? According to Statcounter, Google is the world’s most popular search engine with the market share of 92.74% (October 2018). That’s more than Yahoo (2.32%) and Bing (2.17%) combined. We use Google almost every day to help us find information on nearly everything we can possibly think of. Since we use Google daily, wouldn’t it be nice if we just set it as our default homepage on our favourite browser like Firefox. Default homepage simply means the first webpage your browser will visit from the moment you open it.

It is very easy to make Google my homepage on Firefox. First of all, open your Firefox browser. Then click on the Menu icon in the top-right area.
Firefox menu

From the menu, select Options.
Firefox menu options

On the Left Panel, go to the Home and click on it.
Firefox Home Settings

Under New Windows and Tabs, Change the selection to Custom URLs for homepage and new windows. 
Firefox Homepage and new windows

Then enter . Close the Options tab. 
Firefox make Google my homepage

Now you have successfully made Google my homepage on Firefox. The next time when you open Firefox, you shall see the Google website as your homepage.

Extra Tips:
Some 3rd party software provider might change your Firefox homepage to other page after installing or updating their application. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you didn’t select the option to allow the 3rd party software to change your browser settings during the 3rd party software installation. If so happen that you’ve overlooked and got your Firefox homepage changed, you can always refer to the above guide to revert any such alteration to your Firefox browser.

On other occasions, the change of your Firefox homepage to other page might be due to malware or spyware. In this case, you should perform a virus scan of your system before following our guides in this article.