How to Block a Channel on YouTube

How to Block a Channel on YouTube
How to Block a Channel on YouTube? That’s one question I get asked frequently from my readers. YouTube is incomparable and has grown to become the second largest search engine on the Internet with more than 3 billion searches a month and 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. YouTube uses a complex algorithm to recommend videos for us based on our viewing history, searches and viewing habit. YouTube recommendations can be very useful in helping us to discover new channels or videos that we might be interested in. Although YouTube recommendation is a great feature, but sometimes, it can be quite annoying too. Have you ever been in a situation where YouTube just keeps on popping up a channel that you are not interested in? Or maybe the suggested videos contain disturbing and inappropriate content which is not suitable for your younger children? Fortunately, there are ways we can use to block a channel on YouTube, which we will explore in this post.

1) Block Video from Certain Channels by Using YouTube Not Interested Feature

This is fairly straight forward and easiest method to block a video from certain channels. Go to YouTube homepage, from the list of recommended videos, hover your mouse on the title of the video that you would like to block and click on the three vertical dots icon that appears. Select Not Interested.
YouTube Not Interested Feature
Then Click on Tell us why. Select I am not interested in this channel and click on submit. Do note that this feature will only block the channel from appearing on the YouTube homepage recommendations feeds. If you want to block the channel completely, you may have to use one of these other steps.
I am not interested in this channel

2) Turn on Restricted Mode on YouTube

By using Restricted Mode on YouTube, it will hide videos that are flagged inappropriate content by other users and also based on other signals. If you are using YouTube on multiple devices, you’ll have to turn on Restricted Mode manually on all the devices.

How to Turn On Restricted Mode on Desktop
On the top right, Click on your account icon and select Restricted Mode: Off. Then Click on Activate Restricted Mode.
Youtube Restricted Mode

How to Turn on Restricted Mode on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Android - On the top right, tap on the three vertical dots icon. Select Settings, General, and toggle to turn on Restricted Mode.

iOS (iPhone and iPad) – On the top right, Tap on your account icon. From Settings menu, select Restricted Mode Filtering, Strict.

3) Use Browser Extension, Video Blocker

Video Blocker is the most efficient browser extension that you can install on your desktop computer to block videos on YouTube. Video Blocker allows you to block videos based on specific words, channel name, video title, and even hide all the comments from appearing on your YouTube page. It is very easy to use this extension. Once you’ve installed Video Blocker on your Chrome or Firefox browser, go to YouTube and search for the video or channel that you would like to block. From the search result, right-click on the thumbnail of the video, and select Block videos from this channel.
Video Blocker block videos from this channel

To manage your block list, simply click on the Video Blocker icon on your browser (Top Right). From here, you can unblock a previously blocked video channel or you can also add new channel names (case sensitive), keywords and wildcards to prevent related video from showing on your YouTube page. Do note that Video Blocker is only supported on the desktop computer and if you have more than one computer, you’ll need to export the block list and import it on another computer.
Video Blocker

4) Use YouTube Incognito Feature

YouTube has introduced a new Incognito feature for private browsing similar to the Chrome browser Incognito. When Incognito feature is enabled, the whole browsing session will be new and YouTube will not be saving your browsing history or search history. Incognito mode is supported on both Android and iOS smartphones and here’s how to use it.

Tap on your account icon in the top right area. From the settings menu, select Turn on Incognito.
Youtube incognito

5) Download YouTube Kids App

If your main reason to block a channel on YouTube is to shield your kids from viewing inappropriate content, you may consider downloading YouTube Kids App which is specially designed for children. It is available on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This app allows the parents to filter which channel can be accessed by the children and also set a time limit how long the children is allowed to watch video on YouTube.
Youtube kids app

If you have faced any problem while blocking a channel on YouTube, you can ask us freely and let us know in the comment box below. We are happy to assist in the right way as quickly as possible.