How to Setup Parental Controls on Google Play Store

How to Setup Parental Controls on Google Play Store
Currently, many parents are worried about their kids having access to the Google Play Store, and most of them don’t  know how to control their children from getting access to some of the devices that they are not supposed to get. If you are one of those parents who doesn’t know how to setup parental controls on Google Play Store, then read on this article, it will give you precise information on parental control on GPS (Google Play Store).

As a parent, it is very important to know how to take control of your kids to have access to Google play store and censorship as to safeguard your children from getting into any illegal activity. They can easily get cheated by an illegal person from downloading or buying any illegitimate online apps.

However, if you allow your kids to have access to the device, then you have still a way out to take control of the device and their access by setting up parental control.

That is why this article is created to help you how to setup parental control on Google Play Store and also it helps you understand that you can restrict games, apps, and any other inappropriate contents available at Google Play Store. If you follow the steps mentioned below will assure you that your kids will not able to download apps that are not suitable for them.

It is very easy to set up parental control on Google Play Store. All that you need to do is:
1. Take the device that you want to take control and then turn it on, and now open the PS (play store) app.

2. On the top left corner, you will get a menu, press on it
Google Play Store Menu

3. Go to the settings and press
Google Play Settings

4. Here you can find PC, then turn on parental control
Google Play Parental Controls

5. Now, create a PIN to control individuals from changing your PCS (Parental Control Settings)
Google Play Store Parental Controls Pin
6. Now, press on games and apps and select how to restrict or filter access

Once you finish all these steps, then you can have control over your kids’ device and also you are able to restrict their access to illegitimate apps and download.

If you have faced any problem while setting up the parental control, you can ask us freely and let us know about the error or bug and mention it in the comment box and our service people will assist in the right way as quickly as possible.