How to backup and restore in Windows 10

How to backup and restore in Windows 10
Backup is the process of copying and archiving computer files and keeping it at secondary site for the use for data recovery in case of system failure, hard drive failure and other catastrophe. One should perform backup regularly because you wouldn’t know when disaster will strike. For example, your computer’s hard drive might fail tomorrow; you accidentally deleted important files or your computer’s files might be held hostage by the Ransomware attack.

There are many ways you can perform backup, from backing it up to an external hard drive, or backup to a remote cloud server. In this post, we’ll be guiding using Windows 10 to backup your files by creating a system image backup. What is System Image? System Image is basically a clone copy of your entire drive. It includes your Windows system files, system settings, programs, and all your personal files like photo, video, documents, and etc. With a system image, you can easily restore back your computer to the previous state.

How to Backup in Windows 10:
Windows 10 includes system image creation tool and you can take advantage of that to perform backup of your computer without needing third party tools. To access to Windows 10 system image creation tool, Click on the Search icon in the bottom-left. Type Control Panel and click on Control Panel, System and Security, Backup and Restore (Windows 7). 

Backup and Restore Windows 10

On the left navigation panel, click on Create a system image. You'll then be asked to specify the location to save the backup. You may choose to save the backup on a hard disk or on one or more DVDs.
create a system image backup
Click on Next to proceed. Select the drives you would like to backup and click on Next.

Drives to backup
Confirm your backup settings and click on Start backup to start backing up your computer files as system image. It will take from minutes to hours to fully backup your data depending on the number of files involved. After the backup is done, you’ll be prompted to create a system repair disc which you can use it to boot your computer to access the recovery options. 

confirm backup settings

How to Restore in Windows 10:
Click on the Search icon in the bottom-left. Type Recovery Options and click on Recovery Options under the best match. In the Advanced Startup section, click on Restart now. When your computer restarts, go to Troubleshoot, Advanced Options and select System Image Recovery. 

advanced startup