How to Remove Someone from Facebook Fan Page

How to Remove Someone from Facebook Fan Page
Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and is still growing with thousands of new user everyday. This is why many big brands and business owners are settings up their own Facebook Fan Page to engage with their users, customers, or fans. It provides a platform to connect your brand with your users, customers or fans. While the Facebook Fan Page provides a great potential for your brand, it might also bring damage or negative impact to your brand if one does not manage it properly. As the owner of your Facebook Fan Page, you’ll need to continuously monitor your fans activity and also engaging with them in a public environment. Occasionally, you simply will have a troll or spammer who may abuse your Facebook Page by posting spam contents, inappropriate contents or use your wall as their advertising platform. The best solutions to deal with such situation probably are to remove or ban such user from your Facebook Fan Page.

Do note that after banning or removing someone from your Facebook Page, the user will no longer be able to post, comments and interact with your Page. However, the user will still be able to see your Facebook Page updates since your page is set to available for Public.

Here’s how you can remove someone from Facebook Fan Page.

Login to your Facebook and select your Facebook Page in the top-right under Your Pages. Once your Facebook Page is loaded, click on the Settings link at the top.

Facebook Page Settings

Under General Settings, Click on People and Other Pages on the left navigation panel. Here's where you can see the list of people and other pages that like your Facebook Page. To remove or ban someone from your Facebook Page, check the checkbox next to the person name. Click on the gear icon and select Remove from Page Likes or Ban from Page. Facebook will then ask you to confirm your action. Hit on confirm button to proceed.

Remove or Ban Someone from Facebook Page