How to Remove and Turn off Suggested Apps in Windows 10

How to Remove and Turn off Suggested Apps in Windows 10
The Suggested Apps in Windows 10 probably is the most annoying feature ever. This is among the new features and improvements introduces with Windows 10. When you first sign in to Windows 10, you might notice there’s a link or icon for Candy Crush Soda Saga, Minecraft, FarmVille 2 and other Suggested Apps appearing as tiles in the right side and left side of your Start Menu. You may be wondering why these Apps are appearing on your system even though you didn’t install them. Under the new Suggested Apps feature, Windows will be installing New Apps and also updating these Apps from time to time without asking for your permission. This is definitely unwanted behavior for most users because they never ask for these Apps. Fortunately, if you are unhappy seeing these Apps, you can actually remove and turn off suggested apps in Windows 10. Here’s how you can turn it off and remove these unwanted Apps from your computer.

To get rid of Suggested Apps from your computer, click on the Search icon in the bottom left of your screen. Type Settings at the Search Windows. From the search result, click on Settings under the Best Match, Personalization, Start. Turn off the option Occasionally show suggestions in Start.

Turn off Occasionally show suggestions in Start

This should turn off suggested apps feature in Windows 10. Do note that all apps that previously installed or pinned by Windows will still remain on your system. Turning off suggested apps will not remove them automatically. Manual removal of these apps will be needed.

To remove, Click on the Start Windows, right-click on the tile of the app that you would like to remove and select Uninstall. It will then ask you to confirm your action. Click on Uninstall. Continue checking the list and uninstall the rest of the unwanted apps. If there is no option for Uninstall, just select Unpin from Start.

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