How to Remove and Manage Duplicate Photos on Windows

how to remove duplicate photos
Having too many duplicate photos on your computer is a way of wasting space and resources. Worst still, it might slow down your pc performance. Finding all the duplicate photos manually is a very time consuming task and just imagine if you have over thousands of photos. Why not use MyPhotoSweeper, a photo duplicate finder software to help you find and manage all the duplicate photos with just a few clicks.

Step 1:
Visit, click on the free download button to download the software
download duplicate photos finder software

Step 2: 
After the download, install MyPhotoSweeper. Run MyPhotoSweeper after the installationinstall myphotosweeper

Step 3:
Click on the Add Folder to start adding folders location that you would like to search for duplicate photos. If you would like to search for entire computer, you may add C:\ . You can add as many folders location as you like. Click on the Scan button at bottom to start scanning for duplicate photos.
Add folder to search for duplicate photos

Step 4:
It will take some time to process to find all the duplicate depending on the number of photos. The scan summary will provide you with real time stats of total files being scanned, number of duplicate found, space occupied, and total duplicate groups. Once the scanning is completed, you may click on Step 3 to Fix and Manage the duplicate photos.
duplicate photos scan summary

Step 5:
Under the Step 3, MyPhotoSweeper will list down all of the duplicate photo founds during the scanning. You can click to preview each of the photo. To manage, click on the Manage Duplicate button. You can then Rename, Delete, Export as Text, Copy, Move, or Delete the duplicate photos from computer.

manage duplicate photos