How to Browse the Old Version of Any Website

How to Browse the Old Version of Any Website
 Have you ever been in a situation where you would like to browse the old version of a website or you are wondering how do the famous website look like 10 years back? 

There is one organization called Internet Archive has created a website tool known as WayBack Machine, which allows you to browse old version of any website. Billion of web pages have been saved over time.

Step 1:
Run your favorite browser then browse to Enter the url of the website that you would like to browse for the old version
url of website to browse old version
Step 2:
WayBack Machine will then provide you a calendar with year and date to select from. Select the year and date (circled in blue) to start browsing that particular website based on the date selected. The blue and green circles represent the dates on which the snapshot was archived by the WayBack Machine.

wayback machine saved date

Step 3:
The archived version of that particular website will be shown. You can now view and browse the old version based on the date specified.
wayback machine browsing old version of a website

Extra Tips:
If you have your own website and would like to archived it, you can actually do it by going back to the main page and under the Save Page Now, enter your website url and click on Save Page.

archived website