Capture Text from Screen

Capture Text From Screen

RoboOCR is an optical character recognition (OCR) software that allows you to capture text from anything you see on your computer screen. You can easily extract from non-selectable and non-editable text on your Windows screen and turn it into editable text. You can also copy the captured text into the clipboard or save a copy as PDF, RTF or TXT document file. The software supports more than 30 languages, recognizing bar codes and it also supports image (BMP, PNG, JPG) to text conversion. Operating RoboOCR software is very straightforward and it can save you some time, thanks to its character recognition capabilities.

Here’s the tutorial for using RoboOCR software to capture text from the screen. 

1. Download and Install RoboOCR software

The following tutorial will require the RoboOCR software which can be downloaded at . Once you’ve downloaded RoboOCR, double click on the setup file and follow the screen instructions to install the software.

Install RoboOCR

2. Capture Text from Screen

Run RoboOCR after the software installation. Select Screen to OCR option at the top. Click on the Capture button at the bottom to select the area of your screen that you would like to extract the text.

Capture button

3. Extracting Text from the Screen Area

After selecting the screen area, RoboOCR will immediately extract the text in this selection. After processing the text extraction, the extracted text will be displayed on the right-side under the Text area.

Capture text from screen

4. Copy or Save the Extracted Text

You may now Copy or Save the text captured from the screen. If you wish to copy the text to the clipboard, click on the Copy button at the bottom. Click on the Save button if you would like to save the text as a document file. Supported document formats are PDF, RTF and TXT.

Save Text

To learn more about RoboOCR, please visit



How to Open Multiple Files, Folders, URLS and Applications

Zarage Open Multiple Files
Have you realized that you can actually save your time by creating an open list on your computer so that you can skip the hassle of manually open files, folders, URLs and applications? For example, if you browse to the same news website in the morning or open the same office files and applications everyday, you can actually use software like Zarage Open Multiple Files to create an open list and have it open everything for you with just a click. Zarage Open Multiple Files is a program that is designed to automatically open multiple files, folders, URLS, and applications simultaneously. With this program, the user no longer needs to open files, URLS, folders, and applications one by one. You can also set interval time delay ( in seconds ) before opening the next file. Another advanced feature includes auto open the saved list upon startup and this utility can also be set to automatically shut down as soon as all the items have been opened.

The interface of Zarage Open Multiple Files is neatly organized.  Those with little PC skills will have no problem to learn and use this software. To learn more about Zarage Open Multiple Files, please visit


How to Upgrade / Update PHP version in Plesk

How to Upgrade / Update PHP version in Plesk

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server side scripting language that is widely used for creating dynamic interactive websites. Popular content management system like WordPress is also written in PHP. Due to the popularity of PHP, it is becoming a popular target among attackers. Using outdated version or unpatched vulnerability PHP, could potentially compromise the entire online system. Therefore, it is important that you upgrade / update your PHP version on your server to keep it safe from being exploited by cyber attacks. 

There are several methods to upgrade / update PHP version on your server. The easiest method would be through the web server control panel. Nowadays, most of the web server / hosting provider includes a control panel system for managing your website. In the following tutorial, we are going to show you how to upgrade / update PHP Version through the Plesk control panel

First Step:
Login to your Plesk Control Panel by entering the username and password

Plesk Login

Second Step:
After successfully login to Plesk, Click on the Tools & Settings link on the left. Then click on PHP Settings under the General Settings. Next, Click on the Plesk Installer link at the top.

Plesk Tools Settings

PHP Settings
Third Step:
Under this page, you can select the components that you would like to install or updateScroll down until you see Plesk Hosting Features and click to expand it. Select the new PHP Version that you would like to install and click on continue to proceed. It will take several minutes to complete the installation.
Upgrade / Update PHP Version

Final Step:
Once the new PHP version has been installed on your server, you’ll need to select the new PHP version for the domain name that you would like to use on.

You just learned how to upgrade / update PHP version in Plesk. Kindly leave your comments below if you need any help in upgrading the PHP.


Find How Much Memory a Program is using on Windows

How Much Memory a Program is using on Windows
 A slow or sluggish computer is often caused by low memory resources available. It could be due to having too many programs running simultaneously or some programs are using all memory resources available on your computer. Before you hit the store to upgrade your computer RAM, its worth to spend some time to find whether your computer already has all the memory that you need or some programs are using too much memory than it was supposed to. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the Task Manager utility in Windows that allows you to find how much memory a program is using on your computer.

Task Manager is a system monitoring utility that is included with the Microsoft Windows systems. To run Task Manager, Right click on the Windows taskbar, and select Task Manager from the menu shown. 

Run Task Manager

Once the Task Manager is loaded, it will show a list of processes that are currently running on your computer. Under the memory column, it will tell how much memory each of the currently running program is consuming in Megabytes (MB). It will also tell how much free memory is available in percentage (%). Click on the memory column and this will move the largest memory consumer program to the top. 

how much memory a program is using

If you find unnecessary programs are running or simply using too much memory resources, you can exit the program to free up memory space or uninstall them from the control panel. If your computer is still slow or sluggish at this point, you may need to add extra memory RAM to improve the performance of your computer.

You just learned how to find how much memory a program is using on Windows. If you have any questions or face any issue, kindly leave your comments in the comment section below.

How to Save a Web Page as a PDF

How to Save a Web Page as a PDF
If there’s a web page content that you would like to save for offline reading later, you can make use of the built-in feature in the Google Chrome browser which allows you to save a web page as a PDF file. The PDF file is the best format for document reading, printing, and sharing as it is widely supported across all devices. Unlike other web browsers, you don’t have to install any additional third party software or extension / add-on for this purpose. Just download the Google Chrome web browser on your computer and follow the step by step instructions below.

How to Disable AutoRun in Windows 10

How to Disable AutoRun in Windows 10
AutoRun feature in Windows 10 is designed to improve the user experience by auto launches the file called autorun.inf whenever the external devices like USB, CD, DVD, Memory Card, SD Card are plugged into your computer. This auto run file, autorun.inf will then enable your computer to perform various types of operations like auto launch the setup or installer, auto play the media contents, etc. Unfortunately, the AutoRun feature had been used by a malicious group of people to spread virus. The autorun.inf file can be used to install virus from the external devices to your computer the second you plug in the infected devices. Although AutoRun feature can be useful, disabling it might be the best way to protect your computer from the AutoRun virus.

How to Turn Off Notifications in Google Chrome

How to Turn Off Notifications in Google Chrome
Browser notifications are the alert messages that are sent from the websites to your desktop or mobile devices that you’ve subscribed to receive them. It is used to stay update with the latest development and timely content that your favourite websites just posted. It worked similar to the mobile app push notification on your mobile device. But sometimes, having too many of these notifications can become quite annoying. Fortunately, the process of turning off these notifications is not hard. If you’re tired of rejecting the notification permissions on the web browser or would like to stop receiving these alert messages completely, you can follow the tutorial below on how to turn off notifications in Google Chrome browser. We’ll be covering the guides for Google Chrome Desktop and also Google Chrome Android.

How to Add a Signature in Gmail

How to Add a Signature in Gmail
Signature is a block of text that is placed at the bottom of an email message. A signature usually contains information like the name, title, address, phone number, email address, website, and also the url of your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Signature is a great tool for creating professional impression of your brand and also to promote your website to your customers. If you’re a Gmail user, you can create your own signature so that it will be automatically added into the bottom of your email message and it is easy to do so. Here’s the tutorial on how you can add a signature in Gmail.

How to Enable Take a Break Reminder in YouTube

Take a Break Reminder in YouTube
Online activity like watching videos on the YouTube can easily burn much of your time. If you would like to control the time you spend on the YouTube, you can now do it with the new YouTube’s Take a Break Reminder. YouTube will automatically trigger a message to remind you to take a break after the amount of time of continuous watching video on the YouTube is reached. Right now, this feature allows you to set a break reminder frequency for every 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 minutes. Also, it is worth mentioning that this feature is only available on the iPhone and Android smartphones.

How to Send Large Files with Gmail

How to Send Large Files with Gmail
In our previous article, we share about how you can send large file using Firefox send service. But if you still prefer to use an email service like Gmail to send large files, then you may want to read the article below. At present, Gmail has a limit of 25 MB for email attachments. What if you would like to send files larger than 25MB? Yes, you can actually do that in Gmail and without needing to use any third party services. Google Drive, for instance, can be used for sending large files through Gmail. It integrates along with Gmail and allowing you to send files up to 10GB in size. Every Google account user is entitled for 15 GB Google Drive storage and here’s how you can use it to send large files with Gmail.